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Faraday Cage, 33 in. x 42 in. x 4 ft. Tall, Compatible with Vision Isostation (M-)VIS-3036-XX

  • $2615.00

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The VIS-FDC-3036 is a 30 x 36 inch faraday cage designed to work with the Vision IsoStation Series of workstations (M-)VIS-3036-XX, both English and Metric. The VIS-FDC Faraday Cage helps reduce electromagnetic interference from affecting sensitive experiments or processes like patch-clamp investigations or sensor calibration. The Faraday cage mounts on top of the Vision IsoStation corner brackets to provide clearance for the use of other accessories like a front support bar or overhead shelving. The Faraday Cage is shipped fully assembled and features a roll-up front panel design and reinforced side access ports.