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Double-Row Ball Bearing Linear Stage, 0.20 inch Travel, 135 lb Load

  • $236.00

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The UMR3.5 Precision Double-Row Ball Bearing Linear Stage features steel construction for high stability and rigidity. The ball bearings and precision-ground bearing surfaces provide exceptional linear travel, with angular deviation better than 100-200 µrad. UMR3 Series Stages have double-row ball bearings making them an excellent choice for carrying high loads up to 135 lb. The moving carriage is preloaded by two springs to ensure constant micrometer contact for smooth, backlash-free motion over a 0.20 inch travel range. Multiple drive options cover the range of precision positioning. Standard BM Series Micrometers provide 1 µm sensitivity, while DM Series Differential Micrometers offer 0.1 µm. For coarse motion with position locking, a fixed positioning kit replaces the micrometer with two opposing adjustment screws and lock nuts. An optional carriage locking kit includes a screw that mounts in the stage body opposite the micrometer. Motorized actuators can be added for precision motion control. Generous hole patterns allow great flexibility in component placement on the stage mounting surface. Two stages can be easily stacked in an XY configuration and mounted to a table or breadboard (M-PBN Mounting Base required). Multi-axis stage configurations are easily assembled using EQ Series Angle Brackets. UMR Stages are compatible with UTR and URM Rotation Stages, BGM Goniometers, and SL Series Mirror Mounts.