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Broadband Hollow Retroreflector, 63.5 mm, 1 arc sec parallelism, 450-10,000 nm

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The UBBR2.5-1S Broadband Hollow Retroreflector is constructed of three front-surface flat mirrors assembled into a corner cube. A stress-free mounting technique is employed to ensure dimensional stability. This geometry results in a reflected beam that is precisely parallel to the incident beam, independent of the angle of incidence. Unlike solid glass retroreflectors, the optical path is entirely in air so efficient performance is obtained without antireflection coatings which limit the operating wavelength range. Using a novel patented fabrication technique, parallelism and wavefront distortion is economically achieved. This retroreflector with greater than 88% total reflectivity has a 63.5 mm diameter aperture, and is coated for 450 to 10,000 nm operation. The damage threshold is typically 100 W/cm² CW or 10 mJ/cm² with 10 nsec pulses. The rugged aluminum and plastic housing is compatible with Newport mounts and components. Each unit has a backplate with an array of holes to accommodate various mounting requirements.