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Micrometer Remote Control Cable, 4 Foot Length

  • $449.00

The RC-4 Remote Control Cable provides a low-cost alternative to motorized actuators for centralized control of remote or hard-to-reach mounts and stages. It allows resolution approaching that of a hand-adjusted micrometer. One end of the cable slips over the micrometer knob, while the other is held in a bracket that may be bolted to your table. A knurled knob provides comfortable turning. RC Series Cables are an adaptation of the aircraft industry’s Bowden cable. When torqued, this highly reliable cable exhibits a clockwise windup of only 4°/oz-in. (0.05°/g-cm) and a counterclockwise wind of 3°/oz-in. (0.04°/g-cm). We supply a connecting bar for use with our Model 600A or 625-RC Series Mirror Mounts to provide proper spacing for two cables. 4 foot length.