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Visible Achromatic Doublet Lens, 38.1 mm, 100 mm EFL, 400-700 nm

  • $114.00

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  • PAC073: BFL= 92.9 mm, FFL= 99.6 mm, Tc= 12.4 mm, Tc1= 9.2 mm, Tc2= 3.2 mm, Te= 9.3 mm, R= 67.895 mm, R2= -43.412 mm, R3= -485.150 mm

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The PAC070 Visible Achromatic Doublet Lens is a 400 to 700 nm antireflection coated, 1.5 inch (38.1 mm) diameter, BaF N10 and SF 10 precision achromatic doublet lens with an effective focal length of 100 mm. This achromat is computer designed to effectively minimize spherical aberration and coma when operating at infinite conjugate ratio, yielding smaller focused spot sizes. Unlike singlet lenses, this results in a constant focal length independent of aperture and far better off-axis performance. Achromats are superior to singlet lenses for monochromatic applications at any visible wavelength.