NPM140SG shown with AJS100-2. Order actuators separately.

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Piezoelectric Open-loop Micrometer Adapter, 140 µm

  • $1918.00

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The NPM140 Piezoelectric Micrometer Adapter provides nanometer positioning capability for manual products. This adapter mounts to the actuator seat on the stage and is mechanically compatible with all Newport stages and mounts and with a 0.375 inch (9.5mm) diameter mounting flange. Coarse adjustment is done with the manual screw. The final and fine adjustment is accomplished by controlling the piezo voltage of the NPM140. The extraordinary long travel range of 140 µm is provided by a sophisticated wire-EDM flexure system, which also serves as a linear guide for the actuator tip. The resolution of this open-loop version is in the sub-nanometer range and is limited only by the noise of the control electronics. Repeatability and stability are compromised due to the hysteresis and creep of the piezo ceramic material. Since this micrometer adapter holds the manual screw 22 mm back from its normal position, micrometers or screws with longer than 22mm are recommended for use in order to utilize the full travel of the manual stage or mount. Use with the NPC3 Nanopositioning Amplifier.