Micrometer Included with Stage

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Tilt Platform, 120x180mm, ±2.86° Travel, 1.5 arc sec, Metric

  • $659.00
  • M-TGN120: A= M5, B= M6, C= 25 mm, D= 50 mm

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Technical References

The M-TGN120 Metric Tilt Platform precisely controls tilt for one rotational axis over a range of ±2.86° with 1.5 arc sec Sensitivity. The 120 x 180 mm mounting plates are fabricated from stainless steel for excellent rigidity and stability. The micrometer is preloaded for smooth, backlash-free motion. Clearance holes in the top plate facilitate mounting of a wide range of components to the platform. TGN Series stages attach to tables and breadboards via clearance slots in the bottom plate and are used for high-resolution alignment of components, especially large or heavy equipment.