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ST-UT Series Upgradable Optical Table, 1200 x 2400 x 203mm, Metric M6 Holes

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The M-ST-UT-48-8 Field Upgradeable SmartTables is upgradeable to M-ST Series performance. This 203 mm thick optical table has a 1200 mm width, 2400 mm length, and Metric M6 holes on a 25 mm grid. When the IQ dampers are not installed, the M-ST-UT table provides performance equivalent to an RPR Series optical table. As your application requirements become more stringent, the M-ST-UT table can be field upgraded to SmartTable performance levels by installing an IQ-200-UG upgrade kit. There is no need to dismantle your experiment in order to upgrade the table. Once upgraded, the M-ST-UT will provide a dramatically quieter table surface, resulting in high quality imaging, improved long term stability, faster settling times and the ability to make measurements that previously required the quietest lab environments. The upgraded M-ST-UT SmartTable also allows users to monitor tabletop vibrations through built in vibration sensors that provide real time feedback on the vibration state of the table. The M-ST-UT Series SmartTables are available in end-to-end and L shaped doubler configurations with thicknesses of 305 and 457 mm. Isolators are sold separately.