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Precision Ball Bearing Vertical Linear Stage, 20 mm Travel, Metric

  • $1836.00

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  • M-MVN120: A= M6, B= M5, C= 25 mm Note: The height dimension includes the 8-mm thickness of the M-PBN12 base plate which is sold separately.

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Technical References

The M-MVN120 Precision Ball Bearing Vertical Linear Stage provides precise 20 mm manual height control with micron-scale sensitivity. Its high load capacity makes it especially suited to vertical positioning of heavy payloads. The stage utilizes an inclined plane design consisting of two precision-machined, opposing wedge blocks. Horizontal translation of the lower wedge is transformed into vertical motion of the upper wedge by means of inclined ball races. For linear, backlash-free travel, ball races are fabricated from precision-ground tool steel and are pre-loaded by a spring. A rotation of one division on the micrometer scale corresponds to a vertical displacement of half the linear displacement distance, thereby doubling the sensitivity. Manual positioning sensitivity can be approximately 500 nm using the BM25.40 micrometer. This stage has a large mounting platform that incorporates an array of tapped metric mounting holes for the convenient attachment of components.