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Laser Diode Control Kit, 30 A, 61 W

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Introducing Newport's completely overhauled laser diode control kits. These kits include necessary equipment to quickly setup and run various high power laser diode packages requiring up to 30 A of driving current and up to 61 watts of heat dissipation. Save as much as 2.5 % from the individual component list price! The kit includes the following components:

• Model 5700-30-5, 30 A/5 V High power laser diode driver
• Model 3700, 14 A/24 V High power temperature controller
• 764H-061, 61 W High power laser diode mount, including cable connecting to Model 3700
• 5700-06, laser diode driver cable (note the special wires connecting between the 5700-06 and the laser diode must be supplied by the user)
• Thermal paste and FK-STRAP grounding wriststrap

For specifications, refer to individual product web pages. Please refer to our Laser Diode Instrument Selection Guide to review the complete Newport offering.

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