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Honeycomb Optical Breadboard, 3.4 mm Skin, 24 x 48 x 2.3 in., 1/4-20

  • $1114.00

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  • IG-24-2: A= 2 ft. B= 4 ft.; 1/4-20 mounting holes

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The IG-24-2 Industrial Grade Honeycomb Core Optical Breadboard has a 2 foot width, a 4 foot length, and is 2.3 inches thick with 1/4-20 holes on a 1 inch grid. The IG Series has become the standard for industrial applications not requiring the extremely high rigidity of the Newport RG and SG Series products. It supports a variety of industrial and biomedical systems for use in production or quality measurement. The stainless steel top features a precision tapped sealed hole grid to allow system configurability. The trussed core honeycomb design offers excellent rigidity and damping. Damped side panels and top further reduce vibration noise problems.