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Polarization Maintaining Coupler, 50/50, 1550 nm, FC/APC Connectors

  • $1913.00

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The F-PMC-1550-50 Polarization Maintaining (PM) Fiber Optic Coupler utilizes evanescent wave coupling to provide a fixed 50/50 ratio 2x2 coupler, with high polarization extinction ratio (PER) and low insertion loss for the 1550 nm wavelength. This coupler enjoys inherent advantages because there is no deformation in the wave-guide cores. Furthermore, since the two Panda fiber halves are placed in direct contact with each other, these PM fiber couplers are more resistant to aging and environmental effects. The F-PMC comes in a small, specially designed silicone rubber package that allows low stress contact of the fiber halves over a broad range of temperatures. All couplers come standard with 1 meter fiber pigtails and FC/APC connectors.