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Fiber Bundle Focusing Assembly, FS Aspheric, F/2.2, 800 µm Spot

  • $571.00

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The 77776 Fiber Bundle Focusing Assembly is used to convert a collimated light source into a fiber optic source. All the components necessary to image a source onto the face of a fused silica bundle are contained in a single enclosure - focusing lens, manual shutter and a fiber bundle holder. One end of the housing has a male flange to couple to an Oriel light source condenser, and the other end accepts fiber bundles with an 11 mm ferrule, or single fibers with appropriate connector. It uses aspheric lenses to almost completely eliminate spherical and chromatic aberrations ensuring a very tightly focused spot and greater throughput than conventional plano convex lenses. Choose the 77776 Assembly for fused silica fiber bundles and single core fibers. The 77776 Assembly uses a fused silica F/2.2 lens, matched to the input of our fused silica fiber bundles and single core fibers.