Front view of fixed slit. The slit is inserted into the fixed slit holder mounted to the monochromator or spectrograph.

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Fixed Slit, 120 µm Width, 18 mm Height

  • $170.00

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  • Fixed slit dimensions.

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Fixed slits are the most economical choice if only a few slit sizes are required. They also offer the greatest accuracy and repeatability. This precision slit is fixed onto a machined block that slides into the 77294 Fixed Slit Holder. The Fixed Slit Holder is ordered with the Oriel monochromator or spectrograph and is installed on all ports of the instrument. Slits are ordered separately, and should be the same size for all ports.

Order two slits for the 77250 Manually Operated Monochromator and Cornerstone 130 Monochromator. Order two slits for a Cornerstone 260 Monochromator with a single output port, and order three slits for a Cornerstone 260 with dual output ports.

Note that slits may be interchanged without affecting the instrument's calibration. However, the Fixed Slit Holder should never be removed from the monochromator.