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764H series High-Power Laser Diode Mounts, up to 61W thermal load

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The Model 764H-061 high power laser diode mount can handle up to 61 watt thermal loads at 25 Deg C ambient with air cooling. The 764H series replaces the legacy 763 Series.
The mount is thermoelectrically (TE) cooled, enabling finer wavelength tuning and power output stabilization. It is optimized with Newport’s model 3700 temperature controller to provide exceptional and rapid settling time, while maintaining the needed temperature regulation. The laser diodes are attached to a copper plate (top plate) provided with various hole patterns. Custom or other laser diode hole patterns can be easily created. A thermistor sensor is imbedded into the top plate for feedback loop temperature control. Electrical connections to a temperature controller are provided with a pigtailed cable attached to the mount. The cable is directly compatible with Models 3150 (obsolete) and 3700. It can also be compatible with Model 350B temperature controller, using the cable Model 300-02. A power supply is included for the fan. The mount also includes proper hardware kit (post and post holders) for table top experiments. Not CE compliant.
Please refer to our Laser Diode Instrument Selection Guide to review the complete Newport offering.

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