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Cornerstone™ 260 1/4 m Monochromator, USB 2.0

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The 74125 Oriel Cornerstone 260 1/4 m Monochromator is an economical, fully automated, multi-grating instruments with dual output ports and exceptional optical performance. This basic USB 2.0 communications version does not include the gratings or slits which can be ordered separately. Simply program your filter, grating, and port changeover points, and walk away while CS260 automatically scans from the UV through the far IR. Other standard features include a built-in electronic shutter, filter wheel control, and a family of interchangeable gratings and slits. The CS-260 uses an asymmetrical in-plane Czerny-Turner optical configuration. The input F/number is F/3.9. The resolution is 0.10 nm (dual grating instruments with a 1200 l/mm grating and 10 µm x 2 mm slit). Throughput is high and stray light is very low. We relied on our extensive research on optical flat black paints and baffles, and the use of high efficiency spherical mirrors and gratings to minimize surface reflections, and thus, stray light.

  • NT-pg42b
  • Optical design of the triple grating Cornerstone 260 1/4 m Monochromator.