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Cornerstone 260 and MS260i Grating, Ruled, 1200 lines/mm, 750 nm blaze, 475-1400 nm range, triple grating mount

  • $500.00

The model 74064 Grating Assembly is designed for installation into the Oriel Cornerstone 260 monochromators and MS260i imaging spectrographs. This 50 x 50 mm grating comes bonded to a triple grating mount, allowing it to be one of three gratings installed inside the instrument. The grating efficiency exceeds 20% over its entire operating range, with a peak efficiency exceeding 75% at its blaze wavelength.

This Grating Assembly may be installed in the field, after which the grating must be aligned and calibrated. However, it is suggested to return the instrument to Newport for grating installation and calibration. During recalibration, the instrument is thoroughly assessed to ensure optimal performance and routine maintenance services are performed. The monochromator is returned with a Certificate of Calibration, guaranteeing the instrument meets or exceeds it specifications.