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CS260 and MS260i Triple Grating, Ruled, 2400 lines/mm, 250 nm Blaze, 200-650 nm Range

  • $1452.00

The 74060 Triple Ruled Grating Assembly is mounted in an individual, prealigned mount. Simply drop it in place, and program the grating specifications into the instrument through the Control/Utility Program or Hand Controller. This grating assembly has a 2400 l/mm line density and has a peak efficiency of 60% at the 250 nm Blaze Wavelength. It's efficiency exceeds 20% over the 200 to 650 nm primary wavelength region. 650 nm is the instrument's upper wavelength mechanical limit for this grating assembly. You can add and change gratings in the field without changing the instrument’s grating turret. Users who wish to reconfigure their instrument from dual gratings to triple gratings (or visa versa) should contact Newport or their regional sales representative for more information.