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Aspherab Condensing Lens Assembly, F/0.7, 51.7mm Focal Length

  • $2037.00

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The 66062 Aspherab Condensing Lens Assembly has negligible spherical aberration and highly efficient light collection. Aspherabs are computer designed four-element lens assemblies used for collimation of high intensity, broadband radiation, or for reimaging. The individual lens elements in our Aspherabs are air spaced, so you don't have the power handling and spectral limitations associated with epoxies. This F/0.7 version has a 51.7 mm focal length, and 27.1 to 46.05 mm range. Aspherabs are comprised of four elements, three positive elements to collimate the collected light, and one negative element to balance the spherical aberration of the positive elements. The elements are housed in a 3/4 inch (86 mm) diameter lens barrel. The clear aperture is 2.7 inches (69 mm). The rear plate of the lens holder is made of ceramic. This withstands the high temperatures of arc and quartz tungsten halogen lamps to 1000 W.