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1000 W Quartz Tungsten Halogen Lamp

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The 6317 Quartz Tungsten Halogen (QTH) Lamp is a popular visible and near infrared source because of its smooth spectral curve and stable output. It does not have the sharp spectral peaks that arc lamps exhibit, and emits little UV radiation. This 1000 W lamp is rated at 120 VDC and has a 5.0 x 18.0 mm coiled coil filament. It has an approximate flux of 28000 Lumens, a 3200 K color temperature, and a 150 hour average life. Our QTH lamps use a doped tungsten filament inside a quartz envelope. They are filled with rare gas and a small amount of halogen. Current flowing through the filament heats the tungsten to >3000 K. The filaments of our 10 to 250 W lamps are dense planar structures for highest image brightness. The white light produced radiates through the clear quartz envelope. This lamp may be operated in any position.