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Optical Power Meter, 1830-R, USB, GPIB, and RS-232

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The all new Model 1830-R-GPIB Picowatt Power Meter is a completely redesigned optical meter, replicating much of the functionalities and specifications of the legacy 1830-C Power Meter. The 1830-R is a perfect drop-in replacement for 1830-C, which was the most popular Newport meter used in production testing of fiber optic components.
DC power measurements can be displayed in units of W, dBm, dB, and Relative Measurement on the instrument’s bright 4 1/2 digit annunciated LED, providing wide dynamic range with power sensitivities down to 1 pW and full scale readings up to 2 W. Various detector accessories allow for both free-space and fiber coupled power measurements. Relative power measurements, in reference to a previously stored value, is performed with the result displayed either as a ratio or dB.
A built-in beeper, which changes its frequency as a function of incident optical power, can be utilized to optimize optical beam alignment.
USB2.0, IEEE-488 (GPIB), and RS-232 computer interfaces are available. Both the legacy 1830-C and the newer 19xx-C commands are supported. Additional features include wavelength adjustment in 1 nm steps from the front panel, and an analog output that provides a voltage proportional to the detector current, to be used for recorder or control loop applications.

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