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Zero-Order Precision Wave Plate, 25.4 mm, 632.8 nm, λ/4 Ret.

  • $860.00

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  • 10RP34: A= 25.4 mm, B= 17.8 mm, C= 8.9 mm

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The 10RP32-632.8 True Zero-Order Wave Plate consists of a birefringent polymer film cemented between two high-precision, high efficiency, broadband antireflection coated N-BK7 windows. This construction ensures excellent transmitted 632.8 nm wavefront quality and λ/2 retardation, while minimizing beam deviation and surface reflection losses. The assembly is mounted in a 25.4 mm outer diameter black anodized aluminum housing for protection and ease of mounting and has a 17.8 mm clear aperture. The wave plate fast axis marked for alignment reference. Polymer wave plates offer benefits over quartz wave plates such as better angular acceptance and less sensitivity to wavelength change. Polymer wave plates have excellent angular field of view. Retardation changes by less than 1% over a ±12° incidence angle. The polymer material has very low birefringence that is nearly constant with wavelength.