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Plano-Convex Lens, Fused Silica, 25.4 mm, 200 mm EFL, AR.4 coated

  • $173.00

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  • SPX028: BFL= 197.33 mm, FFL= 200 mm, P2= -2.66 mm, Tc= 3.883 mm, R= 91.800 mm

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The SPX028AR.4 High Energy Fused Silica Lens is a broadband AR.4 coated (at 230-266 nm), 1 inch (25.4 mm) diameter, HPFS 7978 plano-convex lens with an effective focal length of 200.0 mm. It is designed for high frequency laser pulses where standard grade fused silica does not perform very well. The special grade fused silica Corning HPFS 7978 has very low hydroxyl molecule presence compared to standard fused silica material, which results in less absorption of laser light and greatly reducing the chances of internal damage.