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Plano-Convex Lens, Fused Silica, 25.4 mm, 100 mm EFL, Uncoated

  • $117.00

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  • SPX022: BFL= 96.71 mm, FFL= 100 mm, P2= -3.28 mm, Tc= 4.792 mm, R= 45.900 mm

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The SPX022 Fused Silica Plano-Convex Lens is an uncoated, 1 inch (25.4 mm) diameter, fused silica plano-convex lens with an effective focal length of 100 mm. It is designed to meet the demanding requirements of laser electro-optic applications. Newport's UV grade fused silica precision plano-convex lenses are polished to tight tolerances using master test plates to ensure minimum wavefront distortion. UV grade fused silica will not fluoresce under UV light and is resistant to radiation. And for high-energy applications, the extreme purity of fused silica eliminates microscopic defect sites that could lead to laser damage.