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Low-Profile Ball Bearing Linear Stage, 0.98 in., 2.56x2.56 in,BM Micro

  • $561.00

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  • SDS65: A= 1/4-20, C= 1.0 in., D= 2.0 in.

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The SDS65 Linear Translation Stage incorporates maximum performance and 0.98 inch travel into a 2.56 x 2.56 x 0.71 inch footprint. Especially designed for industrial OEM system integration, the stainless steel construction features higher rigidity, superior clean room acceptability, and better long-term stability than aluminum stages. Our novel manufacturing methods, based on fewer machined parts, allows for a low-profile design with higher performance. Specialized profiled bearing ways provide extended contact with the ball bearings and achieve higher stiffness and load capacity than classical V-groove bearing ways or steel rod guidance. The side-mounted BM Micrometer minimizes the overall stage envelope and unlike most center-drive stages, does not increase the stage height. An easy access locking mechanism located on the same side as the micrometer secures the stage position with negligible motion when the lock is engaged or disengaged. The SDS65 has a 35 lb (156 N) load capacity and can be directly stacked into an XY-configuration, and an XYZ assembly can be built using the available 90° angle brackets. For rotational movement, these stages are compatible with the RS Series Rotation Stages and GON Series Goniometers.