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Four S-2000 clean-room vibration isolators 28 in. (711 mm) tall, automatic re-leveling

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The S-2000AC-428 Cleanroom Stabilizer Set includes (4) 28 inch isolators and incorporates enhanced leveling indicators, recessed lifting channels and a significantly lower magnetic permeability Aluminum casting construction which greatly improves the ease of use. The 8000 lb total load capacity is an ideal solution for isolating optical tables, large inspection equipment and heavy machinery. Exclusive laminar flow damping is the heart of the Stabilizer’s unparalleled performance. Unlike single damping orifices, the Stabilizer employs thousands of tiny orifices, resulting in greater damping efficiency overall. The hybrid chamber design minimizes air volume between piston motion and damper airflow. Features include: faster settling time for large and small magnitude disturbances, lower natural frequency for superior protection against hard-to-control low frequencies below 5 Hz, minimized amplification at resonance, thereby maximizing the system’s overall stability. Installation is fast and easy with patented, self-centering pistons. They automatically center the piston at the top and bottom of its vertical stroke, guaranteeing unrestricted movement for optimal performance. SafeLock™ mounting brackets eliminate the need to precisely align isolators and table holes when attaching the isolator to the table. Mechanical height adjustment allows quick and easy table leveling and compensates for non-level floors. Built-in leveling indicators provide visual feedback ensuring the table is properly floating at the correct level.