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Aspheric Condenser Lens, 6.8 mm Diameter, 6.0 mm EFL, 400-700 nm

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  • KPA010: BFL= 4.12 mm, P2= -1.83 mm, Tc= 2.78 mm, Te= 0.56 mm, S2= Plano, d = 6.8 mm

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The KPA010-C Aspheric Condenser Lens is a 400 to 700 nm anti-reflection coated Aspheric Condenser Lens, with a 6.78 mm diameter and a 6.0 mm effective focal length. It is fabricated using B270 glass providing excellent transmission in the visible to near-infrared regions. The aspherical surface is precision molded, while the plano back surface is ground and polished. Ideal for light collection, projection, illumination, detection, and condensing applications.