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Medium Power Faraday Optical Isolator, 4 mm, 850 nm, 1/2 Wave Plate

  • $1835.00

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The ISO-04-850-MP-W Faraday Optical Isolator is essentially a uni-directional light valve. It is used to protect a laser source from destabilizing feedback or actual damage from back-reflected light. This 850 nm low power free space optical isolator is packaged in a compact cylindrically shaped magneto-optic device with a base plate for ease of mounting into an optical train. It has a 4 mm clear aperture and a 800 to 900 nm wavelength range. The ISO-04-850-MP uses a higher damage threshold BK-7 polarizing beamsplitter (PBS) and provide double escape ports for applications where rejected power exceeds 0.5 W. This -W version has an added 1/2 wave plate at the output stage, so that the direction of polarization of the output beam can be rotated to a desired direction.