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Compact Time Delay Coil, Connector Configurable

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The F-TDC-OPT Compact Time Delay Coil is customizable to allow for a user configured time delay. Specify the length of fiber and connector required at time of order. Making compact and low loss fiber coils demands attention, precision and skill. With proprietary manufacturing processes The F-TDC Compact Time Delay Coil provides extremely low insertion loss while fitting your budget and small spaces. No more large fiber spools to occupy your work area and no more high losses associated with small diameter spools! Newport's Compact Time Delay Coils fill a void in the Photonics market where large time delays yet small sizes are essential. Each coil is ruggedly packaged to withstand serious handling in field applications. To calculate the required fiber length to obtain a specific time delay, use the following formula: L = cΔt/n where c is the speed of light in vacuum, Δt is the desired time delay and n is the index of refraction of fused silica at the wavelength of interest. For our product, use n = 1.4677 at 1310 nm and n = 1.4682 at 1550 nm.