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Nonlinear Photonic Crystal Fiber, 4.9 µm Core, 1040 nm Zero Disp.

  • $670.00

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The F-NL-5/1040 (NKT P/N SC-5.0-1040) Nonlinear Photonic Crystal Fiber is a high-index-guiding type fiber designed with a small 4.9 µm core to get a high nonlinear coefficient. The high index difference between the silica core and the air-filled microstructure enables tight mode confinement resulting in a low effective area and thereby a high nonlinear coefficient. The air-filled region also results in strong wavelength dependence in the characteristics of the fiber and is responsible for the large wave-guide dispersion possible in such fibers. The wave-guide dispersion can be used to enhance or cancel out the material dispersion in the fiber and the flexibility in terms of dispersion profile is therefore much bigger in PCFs than in standard fibers. The F-NL-5/1040 nonlinear fiber is designed with relatively small holes to be single-mode at the 1040 +/- 10 nm zero dispersion wavelength. This approach has several advantages compared to multimode nonlinear fibers with large air holes. First, the fibers are easier to splice to solid standard fiber due to the lower air-filling fraction. Second, alignment and focusing with free-space coupling is less critical as light focused on the cladding region will not be coupled, unlike in high-air-filling fraction fibers, where light can be guided in the silica islands between the large holes.
Standard pricing is per meter. Volume discount: 6 - 10 m with 15 %, 11- 20 m with 22 %, > 20 m 25 %. Discount applicable to continuous length of fiber.