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High Temp Graded Index Multimode Fiber, 850/1300nm, 0.20 NA, 50µm Core

  • $7.25

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Technical References

The F-MSD-T (Mfg P/N: BF04433) High Termperature Graded-index multi-mode fiber optic cable is optimized for transmission at 850 and 1300 nm. It has a 50 µm core and 125 µm cladding diameter, a 0.2 NA, and features large bandwidth and low attenuation. The polyimide buffer coating applied to this fiber extends it's upper operating range to +375°C and increases it's chemical and abrasion resistance, enabling their use in harsher environments. Standard pricing is per meter.
Volume discount: 11 - 50 m with 15 %, 51- 100 m with 22 %, 101- 500 m with 25 %, > 501 m with 28 %. Discount applicable to continuous length of fiber only.