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ValuMax Right-Angle Prism, N-BK7, A=B=C=25.4 mm, Aluminized Hypotenuse

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  • BRP-25.4: A=B=C= 25.4 mm

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The BRP-25.4-A ValuMax® Right-Angle Prism is ideal for beam bending and retroreflection applications. It is often used instead of mirrors in applications where deformation of the reflective surface may cause a problem. The fine balance between performance and cost has been optimized, making this prism ideal for OEM applications in the visible and near infrared. By means of total internal reflection (TIR), a right-angle prism may be used as a 90° reflector or as a 180° retroreflector. Except for reflection losses from the entry and exit faces, TIR exhibits 100% reflectivity over a very broad wavelength range. The reflecting surface should be coated with protected aluminum if the incidence angle exceeds that acceptable for TIR or if the environment does not allow the reflecting surface to be kept clean, as TIR requires. The hypotenuse can also be used as a first surface reflector. In this case, the overcoat of black paint should be removed with acetone. This aluminized hypotenuse 1 x 1 inch (25.4 x 25.4 mm) prism is 1 inch (25.4) thick and can be conveniently mounted and positioned on Newport holders.