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Precision Hex Adjustment Screw, M12 x 0.50, 4mm Travel, BHC Series

  • $123.00
  • BHC17.04: A = 16 mm, B/D = 14 mm, C = 4 mm, E = M5 thread, F/ L = 10 mm, G = 1 mm, H = M12 x 0.50 thread, J = 5.5 mm, K = 6 mm, V = M4 thread

Technical References

The BHC17.04 Precision Adjustment Screw provides 4 mm smooth, precision adjustment for optical mounts. Hex-head adjustment screws mean there is no knob for inadvertent adjustment. A nylon-tipped setscrew, which provides secure locking of the adjustment screw can be positioned in any of three holes in the steel collet to allow easy access locking. The collet of these adjustment screws is M12 x 0.50 threaded to allow secure mounting in custom or OEM designs.