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Lens Mount Barrel, X26 Rail Mounts, 18 mm, M20.25 RMS, 26 mm long

  • $92.00
  • B18-26: A= 18 mm, B= 1.2 to 8 mm, THD C= 0.800-36, D= 24 mm, E= 4.25 mm, e= 0.5 mm, F= 17 mm, H= 26 mm, K= 6 mm, L= 5.5 mm

Technical References

The B18-26 Lens Mount Barrel can be used to create optical systems by mounting it to X26 Rails and Carriers via SB or CB Series Lens Barrel Holders. The lens barrels consist of a M20.25 RMS threaded body, and a retaining ring for 18 mm diameter lenses. When screwed together, the lens is securely held in place. For thick lenses, the retaining ring is reversible. Two or more lens barrels can be threaded end-to-end to construct simple optical systems. Several accessories are provided to assist in creating optical systems. 26 mm long.