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Flood Exposure Source, 1000 W Hg(Xe), 10 x 10 in., ± 1.6, 350 to 450 nm

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The 92550 Flood Exposure Source is a 1000 Watt source for the near UV (350 - 450 nm) spectral range. NUV sources run an Hg(Xe) lamp, use a N-BK7 glass lens (which does not transmit below 350 nm), and have the appropriate dichroic mirrors. NUV is designed to expose most photoresists. This illuminators irradiates samples with a 10 x 10 inch (254 x 254 mm) collimated beam with a ± 1.6° collimation angle. Tyipical output is 17 mW cm-2. An efficient ellipsoidal reflector, coated with AlSiO for the NUV collects up to 70% of the arc lamp output. A 45° primary dichroic mirror spectrally reflects the light after passing through a proprietary design beam homogenizer. The homogenizer, or optical integrator, is similar to a compound fly's eye. It scrambles the arc lamp's non-uniform irradiance to produce many diverging beams. These diverging beams overlap at the collimating lens to produce a highly uniform, collimated beam at the work plane.