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Motorized Mini Monochromator, 500-1200nm, 74mm Focal Length

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The 78027 Motorized Mini Monochromator is a low cost, compact and simple-to-use instrument for moderate resolution applications. It is are ideal for general laboratory experiments and educational studies covering a fixed 500 to 1200 nm wavelength range and not requiring sub-nanometer resolutions. The focal length of this instruments is 74 mm and the F/# is 3.9. For scanning applications, we recommend that you choose a motorized monochromator. This instrument uses a stepping motor driven by an external motor controller with RS 232 interface. Included with the controller is an application program with over 25 commands to control a variety of operations of the grating drive. These motorized models also include a manual drive and a digital counter that displays the wavelength to 0.2 nm. Full spectrum radiation is focused at the entrance slit and reflected by a folding mirror onto a spherical collimating/focusing mirror. This mirror collimates the radiation and directs it onto the grating, where it is diffracted. Once diffracted, the radiation is directed back to the collimating/focusing mirror, and a segment of the dispersed radiation is focused at the exit slit via a second folding mirror.