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Ultrafast Chirped Mirror, 25.4 mm, 700-900 nm

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The 10Q20UF.40 Chirped Mirrors for Ultrashort Pulses is a 1.0 inch (25.4 mm) diameter, 6.0 mm thick, laser chirped and is optimized for 700 - 900 nm. When transmitting an ultrashort pulse laser beam through a number of optical components, the pulse will spread and become chirped. Newport's Chirped Mirrors for Ultrashort Pulses are the solution to compensate for pulse broadening effects. These mirrors provide a negative group velocity dispersion to the incoming laser beam with every bounce off the surface. By setting up a two or three mirror configuration, the laser beam can bounce back and forth between the mirrors many times to compensate for pulse dispersion effects. These mirrors can be mounted into Newport's patented clear quadrant mounts to create the closest separation between two mirrors to allow for a large number of bounces between elements (U.S. Patents: 6,304,393; 5,930,057, and 6,016,230). The high reflectivity of the mirror will preserve the laser beam intensity. Designed to reflect over 99.8% from 700 to 900 nm, this mirror is ideal to use with Spectra-Physics Tsunami®, Spitfire® Pro, or Mai Tai® lasers. Careful thin film design and advanced coating processes result in a mirror with maximum reflectivity, high bandwidth and negative Group Velocity Dispersion. This general purpose chirped mirror is optimized for use with 20 fsec pulses and longer.