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Zero-Order Quartz Wave Plate, 12.7 mm, 632.8 nm, λ/2 Ret.

  • $398.00

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  • 05RP02: A= 12.7 mm, B= 8.0 mm, C= 6.4 mm

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The 05RP02-24 is a λ/2 Retardation Zero-Order Quartz Half Waveplate, 12.7 mm in diameter and optimized for 632.8 nm. Zero-order wave plates are temperature insensitive phase retarders for moderate bandwidth applications. These zero-order wave plates are constructed of two quartz plates, air-spaced to allow for use with high-power lasers, in a standard 12.7 mm or 25.4 mm diameter housing for easy mounting into a holder. Zero-order wave plates are moderately insensitive to wavelength change, which makes them ideal for laser diode or tunable laser applications. Typical zero-order wave plates have a temperature coefficient of 0.0001 λ/°C.